Millennial Energy Partners is a decisive and collaborative partner; we leverage our technical and financial strength to invest with conviction.

The reasons for partnering with Millennial begin with our extensive record of value creation and extend across to how we communicate, support our partners and build mutually beneficial relationships. We believe that in every transaction the ability exists to create a win/win situation for all parties involved – from our industry partners, our investors and our employees, to the residents of the communities in which our assets are located.

Why Millennial

We consistently enable our partners to maintain financial flexibility and maximize asset value by:

  • Deploying capital behind the drill bit to prove up undeveloped leasehold
  • Providing technical insight to enhance best practices for drilling and completion techniques by sharing our vast experiences and providing access to data
  • Utilizing our industry relationships and commercial acumen to facilitate accretive monetization opportunities
Why Millennial Rig Sunset

The companies’ various managed funds and operating subsidiaries are capitalized by equity commitments from institutional and private investors and the Millennial Energy Partners management team.