Acquiring high-quality non-operated oil and gas assets in the United States.

About Millennial Energy

Millennial Energy Partners is an independent, privately-held exploration and production company focused exclusively on the acquisition and development of non-operated oil and gas assets throughout the United States. Millennial leverages its technical expertise and financial strength to partner with industry leading operators. The ultimate goal is to deploy capital behind the drill bit to grow production and maximize returns. Stay tuned—our full website will be launching shortly.

Now Hiring

Millennial Energy Partners is currently seeking the following key position:

VP of Engineering and Acquisitions (Houston, TX)

Analyze & interpret information in multiple stratigraphic areas in the U.S. for both onshore and offshore; Conduct due diligence and engineering analyses of producing and non-producing wells in operated and non-operated positions; Perform geologic trends to forecast and delineate areas of investment interest; perform engineering and economic evaluations on current assets for the purpose of estimating reserves, present value and return on investment; make recommendations to management regarding business process improvement. Requires a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering with a strong background in Business Administration plus 2 years managerial level work experience in a related field.

Send Resumes to Millennial Energy Management, LLC. HR, 1201 Louisiana St., Ste 580, Houston, TX 77002.


Millennial Energy Partners LLC
1201 Louisiana, Suite 580
Houston, TX 77002